Research Article

The Review of Knowledge Level About Hygiene/Infectious Diseases and the Investigation of Blood-Transmitted Diseases and Onychomycosis of the Ladies Hairdresser and Beauty Center Workers


  • Fulya ÖZARAS
  • Cihadiye Elif ÖZTÜRK

Viral Hepat J 2013;19(3):115-118

Objective: Occupational health and safety among hairdressers are issues that need individual, country and global attention due to their impacts to the general public. Workers in this sector are faced with problem if they work in the unhygienic conditions, especially for manicure, pedicure and epilation jobs. In this study we applied survey to evaluate the transmission of blood-transmitted diseases, onychomycosis and the level of hygiene knowledge of employees. The aim of the study was to examine HBV, HCV, HIV prevalence and onychomycosis infections, by the result of this research sterilization and disinfection training will be given to the workers and inadequacies will be removed. Materials and Methods: This study realized that in the 100 hairdressers registered to the hairdresser’s room in Düzce province and its districts between the dates from June 2010 to November 2010. These workplaces by the 250 workers, 155 employees accepted to apply our study to examine their blood, also 126 employees applied our survey. In this study, as a control group, we took 65 blood samples of employees who were not in the risk group. Results: HBsAg was found positive in the working group 5 (3%) people, in the control group 3 (5%) people. Anti-HBc IgG was found positive in the working group 18 (12%) people, in the control group 12 (19%) people. HCV, HIV and onychomycosis were not detected in working and control groups. Conclusion: It was thought that self-development seminars and courses with reproducible training opportunities at regular intervals must be presented by the authorities to the workers in this area. (Viral Hepatitis Journal 2013; 19(3): 115-8)

Keywords: Hygiene, blood transmitted infections, coiffeur, manicure-pedicure

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