2015 21 August (8) 2
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Research Article

Hepatitis C Prevalence in Different Age Groups; People Over 50 Years of Age May Receive One-Time Testing for Anti-HCV

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 40-43)

Vitamin D Levels and Hepatitis B: Is There Any Relationship?

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 44-47)

Causes of Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection: A Report of Case Series

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 48-51)

Relationship of HBeAg Status with ALT DNA Level and Liver Histology in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 52-55)

Case Report

Occult Hepatitis B Reactivation After Chemoteraphy: A Case Report

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 56-58)

Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment-Related Skin Rash: A Report of Two Cases

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 59-61)

Letter to Editor

Paradoxes in Novel Hepatitis C Therapies: Is Combination of Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin Without Interferon Effective in Genotype 1b Chronic HCV Patients?

(Viral Hepat J 2015; 21: 62-64)
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