Research Article

The Investigation of the Depression Levels of Chronic Hepatitis B Patients


  • Ayşe İNCİ

Viral Hepat J 2013;19(3):103-105


Hepatitis B virus infection is very important health problem for our country.our country is in mid endemic area for hepatitis B virüs infections.The aim of our study is determine the prevalence of depression among patients with chronic hepatitis B patients and inactive carriers.


In our study involved 82 subjects and 32 chronic hepatitis B patients and 50 inactive carriers.Beck depression inventory (BDI) were applied to all subjects.


Mean score OF BDI was 9.52±5.852.Mean BDI score of inactive carriers group was 7.96±5.654, and chronic hepatitis B patients group was 11.96±5.450.Mean BDI score of chronic hepatitis B patients was significantly higher than inactive carriers group.


Psychiatric assessment and early intervention,treatment are very important in chronic hepatitis B patients.

Keywords: Hepatitis B, depression, prevalance

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