Research Article

Seropositivity of Delta Hepatitis in HBsAg Positive Patients in Adıyaman Province


  • Servet KÖLGELİER
  • Nazlım AKTUĞ DEMİR
  • Serap ÖZÇİMEN

Viral Hepat J 2013;19(1):8-10


This study was planned to detect incidence of delta virus in Adıyaman because the city is in Southeastern region of Turkey where no previous study was performed on this topic.

Materials and Methods:

Total 462 patients whom 112 chronic hepatitis B patients and 350 inactive hepatitis B carriers who admitted to the hospital between January 2010 and June 2012 were retrospectively evaluated.


Anti-HDV positivity was detected in 15 of 462 patients (3.1%). HDV-RNA positivity was detected in 8 of these 15 patients.


Anti-HDV positivity rate in Adıyaman was lower than respective data in our country.

Keywords: Hepatitis D virus, hepatitis B virus, epidemiology

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