Case Report

Sensorineural Hearing Loss Due to Pegylated Interferon Alfa/Ribavirin Therapy: A Case Report


  • Tuğba SARI
  • Alaaddin ZİREK

Viral Hepat J 2012;18(3):123-125

The effect of interferon alpha in chronic viral hepatitis and common side effects are well known, but hearing loss have been rarely reported. A 66-year-old woman was administered peg- interferon alpha-2a (180 mcg, one times a week) and ribavirin(1200 mg daily) with the diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C. At the eighth month of the treatment hearing loss developed. The finding of audiometry was sensorineural hearing loss. Our diagnosis sensorineural type hearing loss thought to be a side effect of peg-interferon. In conclusion, the development of sensorineural hearing loss in patient may suggest autoimmunity as the cause of this side effect.

Keywords: Sensorineural hearing loss, hepatitis C, pegylated interferon, ribavirin

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