Disinfection Methods and Applications for Hepatitis Viruses


  • Merih ŞİMŞEK
  • Nedim SULTAN

Viral Hepat J 2013;19(2):37-42


Hepatitis viruses lead liver damage at different levels and may cause similar hepatitis symptoms by multiplying in hepatocytes. Nowdays, A, B, C, D, E, and G viruses are known in different terms of structures, cell proliferation patterns, transmission routes, disease processes and sequels that they may cause. It is known that billions of people are infected with one of these viruses for today. Hepatit viruses can be studied in two groups in point of transmission route.Viruses which take part in B,C,D and G groups are basically transmitted via the parenteral route, whereas A and E viruses are transmitted via the oral-fecal route. In this article, the disinfection methods which should be applied for the prevention of infections are reviewed in the light of the literature on the basis of transmission routes, and recommendations are presented.

Keywords: Hepatitis viruses, disinfection, transmission routes

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